Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Picture this: A 250 pound heavy set bearded man is walking around a nudist colony taking pictures of small children… sound suspicious? Apparently not to the Crocus Grove Sun Club members of Winnipeg, Canada. He was just a part of the club. Many members of Crocus Grove even let the creepy guy babysit their children at the club while they went to do errands. That is, until someone finally put the pieces together. The man’s name is Bryan Larson. He was a dull bulb who was fired from his job in 2000 and who spent most of his time at home on his computer. Turns out that when police raided his house in 2001, Larson took the title for the largest collection of child pornography in the entire country.

Well how awful! How creepy! But how perfect for my debate! All I’ve been able to find so far are positives about childhood nudity, but this certainly is NOT a positive! The nudist camp was a candy shop for the guy! He could have his pick, and without any struggle at all! Though I wish the article had been longer and more detailed, it definitely made an impact!

Ko, Marnie. "A pedophile's paradise: Nudist camps." Report NewsMagazine 23 Sept. 2002: 1-2. Web. 24 Apr 2010. .

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