Thursday, April 15, 2010

Response 6

In David Manning's Opinion piece for the North County Times, Manning shares why he feels nudism actually protects children from sexual predators, harmful violence, shame, and corruption. Quoting surveys and studies used to write the book Growing Up Without Shame, Manning lashes out at "those who's ignorance allows them to attack us",or "Bible thumpers" (Manning).He even argues that the Bible truthfully encourages nudism.

Well, I was highly entertained by this editorial piece. Though not rich in facts, it was substantial enough to be reliable... as well as humerous! Manning mentioned ideas I'd never thought of before, and a few I may not agree with, but I'm certainly glad I heard.

Manning, David. "Nudism fosters healthier individuals, society ." North County Times (2005): 1. Web. 15 Apr 2010. .

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