Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final Essay

As you can see, I chose to create my end of the year blog project on naturalism or nudism, and how it effects the children who are raised in it. I wanted to know if being raised seeing nudity on a regular bases changed the way a child developed. Would the nudist lifestyle provide positive consequences? Negative ones? I even wondered if being raised by naked adults could be concidered a form of subtle sexual abuse. Nudity is a lifestyle that most people are very unfamiliar with and mislead about. My goal was to no longer be unfamiliar and mislead with the nudist lifestyle by the time I was done with this project.

This project has been a blast! Finding my information was somewhat of a pain, but the small bundle of information I did find was fascinating and thorough. I also got a kick out of the wonderful interview I had with Andrew Hill, a twenty three year old nudist I was able to scavenge up at the last minute. We had a fantastic phone interview. The only thing I was slightly dissapointed with was my book choice, The Naked Bus Driver. Though the novel started off fast paced and humerous, it lost its spark towards the back end of the story. The only other thing I regret is not having more time so that I could have done more with the recources I had. However, all together, I am very proud of the work I have accomplished.

After doing this research project, I firmly believe that it is okay to raise children in a nudist enviroment. I have come to this conclusion for many reasons. Though some children who are raised in nudism feel confused and depressed, most prove to be much healthier individuals in body and mind. For example, children who grow up around nudity are less likely to have teenage pregnancies, commit violent crimes, or have eating disorders. Most adults who were raised by nudists rate their satisfaction with life higher than adults their same age who wear suits and skirts to work. Children who are raised as nudists have a lower adult drug abuse rate, experience less sickness, and have a higher sex satisfaction rate in adulthood.

As for considering nudity "subtle sexual abuse", forget it. I realized that nudists are no different than other families. My mom raised me going to a Baptist church and praying with me every night because she wanted to teach me her beliefs. Nudists are just the same. They are simply teaching their children their beliefs. As long as there is no "sexual nudity" portrayed towards a child, there is nothing wrong with children being exposed to nudity.

I hope by looking at my blog, you can get a better grasp on nudism for yourself, and form your own opinion on the topic!

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