Thursday, April 1, 2010

Response 2

Teenage pregnancy. No matter who you are or where you live, this growing epidemic is sure to effect you in one way or another. Every one's talking about it. Why is teenage pregnancy increasing, and what can society do to stop it? In John Silcox's article, "Stop Having Babies and Get Naked", Silcox explains that countries with higher nudity rates have lower teen pregnancy rates. So the question is, is there any real correlation? The article combats both sides of that argument, and leaves you to decide for yourself. Many people believe that nudity could prevent high teen pregnancy rates. One Member of Naturist UK states, "I can't understand why society has to divide our bodies like a butcher's chart and say this bit is good and this bit is bad. If there was not such a stigma towards nudity..., I think people would understand and respect their bodies better" (Silcox). However, Nursery Deputy Kate Evans says, "I'm not sure if being more comfortable with nudity would affect people's attitudes towards sex, as I think there are many different cultures and beliefs that affect your upbringing and morals, and that education is the key" (Silcox).

I thought this article was VERY INTERESTING! Though I was slightly disappointed by how locally based the research was, the topic was great! Not only is it entertaining, but it is also controversial, giving people something to talk about. I personally would have thought that nudists would have higher teen pregnancy rates, but what did I know! That's why this article is so awesome to me. It gets people thinking.

Silcox, John. "Stop Having Babies and Get Naked!". RiverOnline 17.27 (2009): n pag. Web. 1 Apr 2010.

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