Thursday, March 25, 2010

Response 1

In Mark Storey's article, "Children, Social Nudity, and Scholarly Study", Storey attempts to disprove common myths about the potential harms of children being raised in a nudist family as well as discover positive correlations between nudity and child development using a variety of psychological investigations and case studies. According to Mark, "There is no evidence that children are harmed by non sexualized nudity, and there is good reason to believe they are benefited by it" (Storey). He believes this because very few psychological disturbances can actually be traced to a lifestyle of nudity. Instead, studies show many positive results can be linked to this lifestyle. Children raised in nudist families tend to have more positive self body image and less eating disorders throughout the life span. Living childhood nude has also proven to make boys less aggressive and more gentle in giving and receiving affection, as well as less likely to do drugs or commit crimes. Storey represents the Montana Naturist Organization through the article.

I personally thought this was a great source! The psychological studies were just the type of respectable proof I was looking for. Over and over again, this professional article stated its side with the perfect mix of reliable facts and personal flare. It answered many of my questions about the psychological effects of being raised in a nude environment.

Storey, Mark. "Children, Social Nudity, and Scholarly Study". Montana Naturist Organization.2007. N Magazine. Web. 23 Mar 2010.

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