Thursday, April 15, 2010

Response 6

In David Manning's Opinion piece for the North County Times, Manning shares why he feels nudism actually protects children from sexual predators, harmful violence, shame, and corruption. Quoting surveys and studies used to write the book Growing Up Without Shame, Manning lashes out at "those who's ignorance allows them to attack us",or "Bible thumpers" (Manning).He even argues that the Bible truthfully encourages nudism.

Well, I was highly entertained by this editorial piece. Though not rich in facts, it was substantial enough to be reliable... as well as humerous! Manning mentioned ideas I'd never thought of before, and a few I may not agree with, but I'm certainly glad I heard.

Manning, David. "Nudism fosters healthier individuals, society ." North County Times (2005): 1. Web. 15 Apr 2010. .

Response 5 Video Response

This video was about a nudist resort called Lake Como in Florida. It was filmed by National Geographic and it explores the controversy, or "Taboo" of nudism. Using interviews of nudists and clothed citizens alike, the film team explores the misunderstood lifestyle, and shares their findings with others.

I am really upset that I couldn't access the second part of the video! I hate being left hanging! However, what I could see of the video was interesting. I have read alot about Lake Como in my research and enjoyed seeing what it was really like. This video was very professional, but also somewhat negative. However, I liked hearing something different.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Response 4 - Multimedia

In this video, the ANNR Youth Ambassadors of VidaNuda take time to interview each other and ask what nudism truly means to them. Some answers were "Being comfortable in my own skin","Being who you are and not what you wear", and "Never forgetting sunblock". Through these simple answers, the VidaNuda ambassadors attempt to explain why they daily choose to stay clothing free, and try to encourage non-nudes to join them for the cause.

This video was just perfect! It explains nudism in a way that anyone can understand and explains it in such a simple way that it's impossible to misinterpret. I think everyone should watch this video in order to understand the psychology of nudism. It is a gem!

Response 3

In the preface of the book The Naked Child:Growing Up Without Shame, written by Dr. Dennis Craig Smith and Dr. William Sparks, the two men attempt to answer the challenging and controversial question of nudity and whether it can be concidered child abuse. They believe that the true abused are those who grow up clothed. The clothed are the ones who suffer more from negative self body image and body shame. The clothed are the ones who suffer the most from sexual overstimulation. Dennis states, "We live in a time that the human anatomy is examined, extolled, studied, and lectured about, and at the very same time is exploited, ridiculed, and excluded from social exceptance. We insult ourselves by calling our bodies obscene, pornographic, lewd, base, dirty, immoral, or evil, and in doing so deny the basic truth of our own existance. Our anatomy is us - and is none of those terrible things" (Smith). Using reliable research and documentation, Smith and Sparks explain the pros of growing up without shame.

Though a little lengthy and wordy, I found this excert very informative. It was wonderful for me because not only did it answer many of my questions, it also helped me come up with more questions. This is good because it can help me brainstorm for future blog responses.

Smith, Dennis. Sparks, William. "Growing Up Without Shame." SCNA NUDE EDUCATION FORUM(1996):1-4.Web. 4 Apr 2010.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Response 2

Teenage pregnancy. No matter who you are or where you live, this growing epidemic is sure to effect you in one way or another. Every one's talking about it. Why is teenage pregnancy increasing, and what can society do to stop it? In John Silcox's article, "Stop Having Babies and Get Naked", Silcox explains that countries with higher nudity rates have lower teen pregnancy rates. So the question is, is there any real correlation? The article combats both sides of that argument, and leaves you to decide for yourself. Many people believe that nudity could prevent high teen pregnancy rates. One Member of Naturist UK states, "I can't understand why society has to divide our bodies like a butcher's chart and say this bit is good and this bit is bad. If there was not such a stigma towards nudity..., I think people would understand and respect their bodies better" (Silcox). However, Nursery Deputy Kate Evans says, "I'm not sure if being more comfortable with nudity would affect people's attitudes towards sex, as I think there are many different cultures and beliefs that affect your upbringing and morals, and that education is the key" (Silcox).

I thought this article was VERY INTERESTING! Though I was slightly disappointed by how locally based the research was, the topic was great! Not only is it entertaining, but it is also controversial, giving people something to talk about. I personally would have thought that nudists would have higher teen pregnancy rates, but what did I know! That's why this article is so awesome to me. It gets people thinking.

Silcox, John. "Stop Having Babies and Get Naked!". RiverOnline 17.27 (2009): n pag. Web. 1 Apr 2010.